Walking the dog is incredibly productive, and healthy for both you and Fido!

Multi-tasking when walking the dog is the perfect productivity task. Just think about how many things you can accomplish during your time together?

Benefits to walking the dog

  • You have time to think clearly
  • You are getting fresh air
  • You will sleep better having physical activity by walking
  • Fido will let you do your other tasks at home without bothering you
  • Fido will have fewer health issues, and eat better
  • Fido is less likely to jump all over people seeking attention
  • Fido will sleep through the night, instead of waking you up every hour to go outside.

I timed my route, and you should too! I'm walking Stanley(my dog) twice a day for a total of forty minutes. That's some good walking distance for me, and I feel better.

I'm walking the dog by myself, and that gives me time to clear my head. I have fresh ideas that are coming to me uninterpreted by outside distractions.

Of course, some of you will be on the phone or logged into social media like Facebook. You're still multi-tasking, and getting multiple things done while walking the dog.

Take your dog for a walk twice a day, and you'll instantly see the benefit for his health, as well as yours.

There are some of you that will walk your dog with a loved one, and that's good to because you get a chance to talk about life the way you want, without having to rush through a conversation. Use it as a bonding time.

The bottom line is, walking the dog is extremely benneficial in so many ways. Take your dog out for a stoll and clear your head, get exercise and everybody wins!

How do you create more time for productive activity?