Wake n' Bacon is cooking up bacon as soon as the alarm clock rings first thing in the morning! That's right; you will wake up to the smell of bacon coming from your alarm clock. Sounds somewhat crazy, but Matty believes that people will love having the tasty treat straight from bed, even before jumping out. At least that is what he's bringing into Shark Tank.

Would you eat bacon in bed made from your alarm clock? Maybe not, but an alarm clock that cooks breakfast is one of those gag gifts that the guys would love to have. I wonder if he has temperature controls in his unit to adjust the bacon for chewy or crispy?

Just thinking about it, I think I am going to make some bacon right now, and some hash browns too. That's what's for lunch today! I will be back shortly to finish writing my thoughts on the Wake n' Bacon Shark Tank pitch. I hope you don't mind!

Company: Wake N' Bacon
Entrepreneur: Matty Sallin
Ask: $40,000 for 20% equity
website: http://www.mathlete.com
Episode: Shark Tank Season 2 Episode 202
Other Companies on this episode are: Toygaroo, Vurtego Pogo Sticks, and First Defense Nasal Screens

Wake N' Bacon making me hungry

Okay, I am back from making bacon and hash browns with cheese. The bacon is center cut which makes it extra enjoyable, but I have to say I would never cook my bacon on my alarm clock! Sorry, Matty.

Matty never made it to production with the Wake n' Bacon alarm clock, but he did entertain the Sharks when Mark Cuban asked, “You are only asking for $40,000,” and Matty interrupted saying “I am now asking for $170,000” making all the Sharks laugh. But if you watched the episode, you already know that.

Now, there are add-ons for the iPhone that produce a bacon smell as an alarm clock, or you might find a bacon scented candle. Bacon is making rounds!

Matty's slogan, “rise and swine” is making pigs roll over all over the country.

Sharks in the tank during Wake n' Bacon are:

Matty does not get a deal with the Sharks.

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