It's time to update my Laptop getting one that is lighter, has more power and is convenient for Blog World and Affiliate Summit type conferences. I'm just not sure what to get.

Have you looked at upgrading to a new laptop lately? I'm having a difficult time deciding with so many choices available.

I want to find a laptop that works well on the road, is light, has the power that I need to do video and photo editing and is easy to use in the airplane seat. When I’m at conferences, I plan to do videos and a built in quality camera would be a plus.

The next challenge to a laptop is determining what brand I’m interested in. Like phones, stereo equipment and other devices, I’ve had both good and bad experiences with different models.

In the early 2000’s, I used a Toshiba laptop that I still have. It locked up on me with the infamous HDD hard drive password lockup and I was never able to use the data again, which included my hires wedding pictures. That takes Toshiba out of the running even though they are very competitive in the laptop space at this time.

Acer Laptops looks like they have picked up their presence in the laptop space. I would consider buying one of their models if the deal was right. I’ve had their motherboards in my desktops and they’ve performed well. I even have Acer Ferrari monitors on my desk, which look very cool. I know Acer makes Ferrari laptops, and it would be cool to have one, but I would rather make sure I’ve got the power on the inside of my laptop with the latest and greatest instead of having just the looks.

The ultrabook Laptops are very cool and lightweight, but expensive. Do they stay cool? That’s an awful lot of stuff to pack in a small box.

Sony, Dell and HP have their machines as well. I’ll be writing more as do my investigation and let you know what I pick to do my work.

Let me know if you’ve been through the process lately and what you decided to do.