Did you know that ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) will stay with a person throughout their life? You might think that medication is the answer to dealing with ADHD, but changes in behavior are the preferred method to working with ADHD.

I learned this in my thirties when I was having an argument with someone that I worked with. He blurted out that I have ADHD and I need to go get it checked out. I was steamed and decided to send an email to a good friend who would tell me if he really thought this was true.

This friend writes extremely long emails, I expected his answer to take a while, so you can imagine my surprise when I instantly received an email back from him.

He replied, “Duh! You shake the pew in church every Sunday because you can't sit still.”

I decided to learn more about ADHD and bought a book discussing the subject. This wasn't a good idea; I couldn't keep focused on the book!

I did some research online and discovered a clinic that specializes in ADHD, right in my hometown. I made an appointment and found out that I was the classic adult ADHD case.

I started sessions to learn what ADHD was all about. The sessions often dealt with issues that didn't seem related to ADHD, but the doctor assured me that it indirectly did which is often the issue with people dealing with ADHD. Whatever the subject was, it always seemed to come full circle. Sometimes the conversation was not what I wanted to hear, but I stayed focused on overcoming my issues and eventually I did.

On my last session, I had decided before I attended that I had felt I made the progress necessary and was prepared to let the doctor know that I did not see a reason to continue at the end of the session.

I was surprised when about half way through the session the doctor commented that there was no need to continue, he thought I had accomplished what I needed to do and he would always welcome future sessions if I felt the need.

Even though I overcame some huge obstacles, I still have to deal with ADHD on a daily basis. Now, I see what is happening at the time and I can quickly adjust making the disruption negligible.

Many successful entrepreneurs are diagnosed with Adult ADHD; it's quite common and often explains our creative minds. If you feel your struggling with similar issues, find a specialist that can help you.