How often do you think about unconditional love? Chances are, you don't. You might think about love a lot, like loving somebody special, or your work that you do.

My parents have been married approaching 60 years in two anniversaries. That's unconditional love to make it what I will call forever, something that I lost faith in until realizing what my parents have accomplished.

When I created LimoLink, I had unconditional love for my work. I spent every waking minute building that site until it became bigger than just me. A close friend reminded me of this as we chatted last night.

He told me that he sees me putting the same passion that into what I'm doing today that I had back then! He also pointed out when I went astray and focused on the money. That's when the passion went out the door.

The danger is giving somebody unconditional love because chances are, they don't know how to give it back, or worse, won't give it back.

Kids give Unconditional Love

Kids typically give unconditional love until they start to figure out how to manipulate mom and dad, and then it's “game-on!” That's the way of life, and mom and dad tolerate it at least for a while, but would we do the same for the love of a lifetime?

Are there moments in time where we find our soul mates, and yet we often pass by without realizing what this means. We don't give fate a chance because we're not willing to love unconditionally.

Instead, we look for the safety and sure thing that seems to provide stability on the surface, but end up spending a lifetime wanting something else.

In the end, loving something or someone unconditionally doesn't require them to do the same, and sometimes it hurts, but it's worthwhile the experience.