I've pounded the forums lately, asking many questions of some of the most successful Online Marketers. It's truly amazing how many of them had absolutely nothing and now live the lifestyle only wealthy people live. The other interesting fact is how long the truly successful have had this lifestyle, most of which have had it for more than five years.

Something in common with all of them is, none of them needed outside capital to launch their business. They were all self-funded and yet most of them had no money when they started. Their passion for the Online Marketing world drove them to success.

This group of online marketers don't have info guides, promising to make you wealthy overnight, they work hard selling products and services that other people supply, although sometimes, they have developed the product themselves.

The Internet literally leveled the playing field so that they are able to compete on an International platform with huge companies. Where else can you get that kind of exposure and not have to worry about being crushed by the gigantic competition? I can't think of a place.

It's absolutely amazing all the different products and services available to market online. Really, that's a problem because there are so many shiny objects in front of us that we often fail to focus on one product and do it well before moving on to the next.

Many people believe that getting rich working in online marketing can happen with only a few hours of work a day… That doesn't happen…. Some of my friends are quick to say they only work a few hours a day, but they consider most of what they do as fun, not work.

No matter what anybody says, keep in mind, you're going to have to invest a lot of hours everyday of the week to get your business up and running, and then you will still invest a significant amount of time, keeping your operations running smoothly.  This business is fun, but it's still work.