Bloggers that create two posts a day have better, more read, blogs than others who post less, or more sporadically.  I know many of you will argue this, but blogs with two posts a day attract readers who return often, creating more page views, and ultimately more revenue.

You might be surprised to discover posts of lessor quality written more often, out-perform posts that are well written, but less timely. The most important factor in a successful blog post is not that the post be well written, but that it be able to deliver an idea that impacts the reader in a timely fashion. Why else would the most successful bloggers be lousy writers?

Take John Chow, he clearly knows the value of writing two blog posts a day consistently. It is rare that he doesn’t have posts staggered with one in the morning and one in the evening.

Next, consider that John’s posts are often not well written and contain grammar and spelling errors.  Still, John has a message or a purpose behind each post and John makes a ton of money via his blog. Furthermore, his readers check his blog multiple times a day.

Guest posts have become very popular on blogs as of late to support the two blog posts a day, and as a way to build links. I’m not a fan of Guest posts, especially if I don’t know whom the guest post is by.  When I come across the guest post, I often move on without reading the post.

A single blog post might have hundreds of different long tail keyword searches refer to the post. In the-shark-tank blog, we’ve had a single post have over a thousand different keyword variations refer to it in a single day.

Think of how powerful a single post are… They wouldn’t be so powerful if it didn’t have all the other posts that have a direct or indirect relationship t it, supporting it and making it relevant. The more relevant pages you have in a blog, the more likely the search engines and readers will take your blog seriously.

Write two blog posts a day and in 90 days, you’re going to see success in your blog.

Part Three, 90 Days to a Successful Blog