Twitter is a great opportunity for us to connect, but I’ve been using it in the wrong way. I built up this huge list of followers, unfortunately many of them are spammers and others trying to build huge lists of followers. That dilutes my ability to recognize people that are genuinely interested in connecting with me.

The point is that Twitter is a relationship tool that should be used to build relationships, not to prove how popular you are. If you don’t like what I have to say, why bother following me.

Many people, myself included have wasted countless hours building our following but few of us have spent time building a quality following. Now I’m focused on building a quality following and the only way I can identify them is by only following people who tweet interesting tweets.

Don’t be offended if I don’t follow you, I may not know that you have quality tweets that I would be interested in. You can always send me a message even though I don’t follow you. The majority of the people on my list have tweeted me and I kept them because I recognized their names.

When I eliminated all the people I follow, I did my part to help Twitter to reduce congestion and costs. I’m taking up fewer resources by not paying attention to noise that is coming across Twitter. There are thousands of tweets a second that aren’t happening.

I just turned on my Twitter App on my phone again. I can actually get Tweets all the time from people that I want to communicate with. Before, I had too many tweets being broadcast to my phone and I just didn’t use it at all.

We all have an opportunity to make Twitter a better place. We can quit following people that aren’t worth following and then we can watch the performance of a great service improve. We can learn faster and make friends who we might have otherwise not made.

It’s really up to us, I’m doing my part, are you doing yours?