One of my most popular posts ever has been “Monetize Unused Knowledge.”

Many people are looking for angle to create additional income, but they don't know what to sell and many people look past one of the most valuable assets we all have. We fail to look inward thinking that what we know is not worth anything to others, but that is really a self-confidence problem that can be overcome.

Probably the biggest complaint new blogger's have is that they don't know what to write. They get writers block and give up. That's really too bad, because everyone has an incredible resource of material that they can base their writing on and they overlook it.

That material is in your closet, it's under your bed, and it's in your subconscious and on your computer hard drive. Your material is everywhere, you just have to pull it out and get it into your blog.

I recently began cleaning out my storage and garage getting rid of stuff that I no longer use or want. I'm thinking that most of this stuff has no value, but imagine my shock when I started bringing in hundreds of dollars for stuff that I thought was throw away! In fact, I actually threw away stuff that was worth hundreds to others not knowing the value.

What about all the knowledge we have in our head that people pay other people for? All of that knowledge is being essentially thrown away because we aren't willing to put it into a usable format where people will compensate us for that knowledge.

If you don't have your own blog, and you aren't writing about what you know, you're wasting a tremendous amount of value that could easily provide residual income.