In the last fifteen years, I have benefited greatly from developing niche marketing concepts into real businesses. With the development of the online marketing place, those niche marketing ideas have seen explosive growth, so much so that getting business has by far not been my biggest obstacles as an entrepreneur.

Developing those Niche Marketing Concepts have often come after I have learned everything I can about the marketplace by actually operating small businesses in those markets, such as a mom and pop operation. For example, I owned and ran my limousine service in a local market, before crafting a strategy to list every limousine company in the world, which I did on my very first website. I was able to attract revenue to the site, even in 1996 way before most online marketing strategies.

I discovered that marketing offline is not that much different than marketing online, and I have been able to harness that knowledge to produce impressive sales fast. Entrepreneurs need to understand, no matter offline or online, you have to develop a personal relationship that makes the buyer of goods and services want to buy from you, and not someone else, even the local guy down the corner.

The biggest mistake I see brick and mortar business owners make is their thought that online marketing is so foreign to them and they don't have the time to do it right. The truth is you can't afford to develop a niche marketing concept for your business, no matter what product or service you sell. If you don't, somebody on the other side of the world might be stealing your customers tonight!

Open your mind and work on developing a niche marketing concept for your business. Invest just as much time in online strategies as you do in offline strategy, and you might find the online marketplace dominating your sales versus the offline sales.