Many bloggers make money by inserting affiliate links into blog content. Tools like the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin make keyword insertion easy. You simply create a new link in the control panel and then select the keywords that you wish to use. The plugin puts your links in your post content automatically when the keyword appears.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin doesn't display keywords with each link in the control panel without first clicking on the edit section. That could lead to duplicate keyword insertion. That's why I've used a spreadsheet to check keywords selected for each link created which avoids duplicate links for the same keyword.

That all changed when I started using LinkTrackr. I'm able to see my keywords in the control panel and I no longer have to keep an extra spread sheet. This saves time and time is money!

LinkTrackr is the easy way to track affiliate links. The reporting panel shows you trends, locations, and even when links are no longer active. You login to LinkTrackr to create your links. It gives you a unique URL used in more places than just your blog. Now you can track links in other Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  You now have more control over Affiliate Links.

I created a unique shortened URL (domain name) used specifically for affiliate link creation. While many people use this feature for cloaking, I use it for branding and convenience purposes. It makes it convenient and easy for other people to use my links.

If your like me, you like to own your tools, instead of subscribing to a service. This is one exception to my rule. I do own the license to MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate, but the time-saving features and reporting of LinkTrackr make it my preferred choice.

Either way, each tool will save you time and time is money!