Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels? You might be getting too much education. Really, the natural tendency is to want to have all the information before we move forward. We need confidence we will succeed, but most of us fail. Could we be spending so much time getting educated, that knowledge becomes outdated before we execute.

Many people start with absolutely nothing to their name and become huge successes. You could make a strong argument that somebody who has nothing at all has a far greater chance of success then somebody who has all the resources in the world.

Many people may disagree, but before you point out that the person with everything has all the advantages, I will disagree. The person of means (not made of their own), usually lacks a few things.

They aren't hungry and they don't “need” to succeed. Failure to them is no big deal because they have something to fall back on, but somebody with nothing who works to succeed has a far greater chance of accomplishing their mission.

Those that have are often able to spend their time getting educated, and some even create a false sense of success by showing their diplomas. They believe they are superior because they are knowledgeable, but the people who do, don't really care about their diploma.

Today, more college graduates are finding it extremely difficult to get a job that meets their expectations, while others are simply working to meet their needs. Who's more capable of success? The person who's searching for a job to meet their expectations or the person that's doing the work to meet their needs?

It's time for us to spend more time using the 80/20 “work/education” rule. We spend far too much time looking to others to make our lives better when most of the time, the answer to a better life resides inside of the person looking through our eyes.

What do you think?