The Entrepreneur who allows tolerance to be a part of their strategy will do far better than the Entrepreneur who is in-tolerant. That is as long as those with opposing viewpoints have an equal or greater tolerance.

The entrepreneur has to be confident in the decisions that he makes. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs rely heavily on others who appear to be experts on subjects, thinking that they will have the best interest in mind for the company and the entrepreneur.

That means that everyone that you count on in your organization must be extremely tolerant. If you identify someone who doesn’t share this ability, it’s wise to replace them as quickly as possible, before you have issues that rely on tolerance. If you don’t, a simple problem could have disastrous consequences for your business and your career.

If you get the chance, test your partners to see how they would deal with difficult situations. You want to know if you can really count on them to be there for you, or if they will turn on you. Think of a situation that will do no damage, but give you an idea of the ability for your team member to show how well they will deal with a stressful situation.

Every Entrepreneur will have to part ways with at least one or more parties during their business tenure and that person could be an employee, customer, vendor or even an investor due to tolerance issues.

Tolerance needs to be looked at from many different viewpoints. What may appear to be the issue is often not the issue, but a symptom of the real problem. You may find that the real problem is a team member who is accusing someone else of being intolerant and removing the wrong person could ultimately lead to total destruction.

Tolerance is your ticket to seeing what other miss helping you to become a great Entrepreneur.