Welcome to Time Square in New York City! I’m here for Blog World happening this week at the Javits Center.

I flew out of Midway Airport in Chicago this morning on Southwest Airlines and had a smooth flight. Getting into New York City from Newark Airport went smooth as well. The Super Shuttle van needed new padding in the seats— the ride was still fine and I got a tour of New York City while other passengers were dropped off before me.

The hotel rooms are extremely small in the city; the buildings don’t have that much room. That’s OK, the Hampton Inn Hotel is extremely nice, and probably one of the nicest and cleanest Hampton Inn’s I’ve been in.

I took my bags to my room then went out to walk around for a while. I bought a Gyro from a cart—you’d think it would be great—it was just OK. I’m surprised and disappointed.

A friend of mine suggested I get an all-day Gray Line Pass to see the City. If I had more time I would, and when I come back, I’m planning on it.

Next time I’ll bring my wife along.  I need to make sure it’s not raining as the open air buses wouldn’t be that great, even though they give you rain jackets.

Later this evening I went out again. I considered finding something to eat, but I didn’t see anything unique in Times Square, the one downfall of an extremely commercial area. I prefer food that isn’t part of a chain. Any recommendations from New Yorkers are welcome.

Tonight, I looked up and noticed that the Crystal ball from New Year’s Eve stays in place all year round; at least it’s still there right now. I thought they took it down every year right after New Year’s.

It’s time to get some sleep, Blog World is hours away.