Time management is critical for the Entrepreneur. For most of us it's extremely easy to get distracted. I can't do anything without having a drive-by something happening. Practically every other entrepreneur comes with the same issues.

One of the best ways the Entrepreneur can improve time management is to slow down and think through what we do before we do it. To document our process as we do it. That means learning some basic time management skills and sticking with those skills until we are able to hire detail people to take care of our mess we blaze.

For the last several years, I have been doing my work on outdated equipment. I have prolonged upgrading or buying new because I've been frugal. I realize after upgrading my desktop that I have made a serious mistake, especially ignoring the reasonable prices on computer hardware.

You might ask how this connects with time management for the Entrepreneur, rest assured it has a big impact. The first thing I noticed was how fast Outlook opens and closes windows. How I am able to open supporting applications like One Note, and how fast I can edit my images in Adobe CS5 Photoshop.

Instead of waiting for a photo to edit, I find I don't even have time to get distracted and instead I find myself quickly completing the task at hand.

My machine is so much better that I”m actually filing and organizing everything from notes to emails to white papers inside one note and storing copies on Skydrive that allows me to access ┬áthis information anywhere I can get an online connection, even if I'm not using my own PC!

Finally, I'm able to work on organizing all this stuff into an easy to find place when I need it. No longer am I endlessly searching for misplaced information and getting distracted by other work that I've yet to complete.

Why not improve your time management by upgrading your PC? You will find it will make you more productive and less distracted when searching.

Best of all, your time management improvements don't have to be that expensive. I found some great deals on Amazon.com and managed to get them next day with their Amazon Prime Program.

Are you going to improve your time management?