Donald Trump is always talking about doing everything really great. My question is, if you say what you're doing is really great, do people naturally buy into what you're doing?

I would bet that simply saying what you're doing is really great is prepping your audience to think in that direction, especially if they already agree with most of what you write. So let me say this, “This blog post is going to be really great!”

OK, it probably didn't work quite like Donald Trump makes it work, however it should make you feel more relaxed and more receptive to read the rest of the post favorably.

We need to focus on really great instead of really bad, or mediocre, because we have to start moving forward instead of being status quo. After all, who wants to read just average or worse, something that sucks?

Being great at what we do is something that we all would like to be, but should try harder at being. We often sell ourselves short and that's just not good for us, our families or even the economy. It's time we make this country the leader of the world again. We have to be really great at everything we do.

Given that I'm now focused on being really great, I'm probably going to have to go back and rewrite every blog post I've ever made to ensure that everything is as perfect as can be. I think I'll get started tomorrow, it's late and I'm off to bed.

I'll start with proofing this post, as I didn't even read it twice, but if you come back in a day or so, I guarantee it will be that really great post that I promise it to be!