Making money online is about connecting with real people. I have to understand what's important to them. My readers have to be interested and willing to convert with the products and services that are linked through my site so that I can have a reasonable profit and justify my work on this site.

Affiliate Marketing, which is what drives this site, is about targeting to specific readers interested in improving their business or to entrepreneurs interested in doing what I do. I have to continually improve my blog, making it the best, most informative blog on the topics that I cover.

The products and services that I offer have to provide a superior benefit to my readers that they won't find elsewhere, such as Rochen Performance Hosting (a really great hosting company that tops all the others.) If you're like me, you're tired of using subpar hosting companies that are big names and offer overloaded servers, even when they say they offer cloud hosting.

You'll find that my blog caters to some unique entrepreneurs and small business owners who don't spend their time talking about what they are going to do—they're busy taking action doing what they planned to do. My readers are leaders not followers. They make their own decisions and use the thoughts of others to help form their decisions. Chances are, that's you I'm talking about.

I've got some very strong ideas and I don't cater to the business manager type, who plays it safe— only calculated risk takers are going to get real value out of this blog…. Are you the type of entrepreneur that takes action?