Every success in my life links to a simple idea. They are all tied together. Any future success I have will tie to this simple reason as well. It is the one thing that I do better than anyone I personally know.

It’s what causes people to become interested in what I have to say, and what I do. They know no matter what, I’m thinking big. I’m thinking of incredible ideas and I’ve got the balls to go for it.

My life has been about thinking big. Sometimes others tie the picture together for me, but ultimately, I’m the person that chases huge dreams and makes them become true.

What has to be the most important reason for any success that I’ve had is that I’ve thought bigger than anyone else thought I was capable of.

Big thinkers command attention. The people that believe you are capable will talk about you. They will say what are up to and admire you for taking on the impossible.

You’ll cause the naysayers to talk about you as well. They think they are making you look like a fool, but what they’re really doing is calling attention to themselves as someone who’s not capable of doing what you’re doing.  The publicity can actually work in your favor, so encourage these people to engage in conversation. Just come through and do what you’re saying you’re going to do.

You might not have anything right now, that’s not a problem. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started out with nothing, even being under water. Its ok, it should just motivate you to think even bigger.

Set huge goals, bigger than anything you’ve ever done before. I’ve been known to set goals past what anyone believed possible. People say, “Why don’t you set reasonable goals you can achieve?”

Why set a goal you can reasonably achieve? It’s much better to set a huge goal and slightly miss it then set a reasonable goal you can achieve.  Missing the huge goal almost always gets you way past what you achieved with a reasonable goal.

When you barely miss a huge goal, you get to say you’re not satisfied while everyone else is amazed with what you accomplished. They don’t know what you’re goals were, but they know you’ve done something big!

Success is a state of mind, if you don’t see yourself as successful, you won’t be. Sooner or later you’ll prove it. If you believe you are capable, you’ll figure out how to do it. That is as long as you still believe in yourself.

The danger comes when other people believe in your ability to succeed, yet you don’t believe. You have to address that problem and nobody can help you with it. They don’t realize it’s a problem.  Get ahold of yourself and start thinking bigger than you are.

Remember, until you believe in yourself, it matters not what anyone else believes. Don’t do something because someone else believes you can, do it because you believe you can. Think really big and do whatever you have to do to accomplish your dreams.