How many times do people ask you for information? Do they want you to help them out with something that you know how to do? Why not Monetize that knowledge?

You might think that your information is worthless, but the person asking doesn't think so. They need it to accomplish something to better their life. Why shouldn't you be a resource for that information and connect it to solutions that provide value back to you.

You probably wouldn't think a bartender would be able to Monetize their information, but let's review and see if it's possible.

The bartender is friends to everyone and anyone. People actually go to the bar on specific nights that certain bartenders are working because they establish a relationship with the bartender, even though most of them would never think this to be the case.

Practically any bartender could create a significant source of additional income by establishing a blog in which they provided stories about conversations that they had on the job. Of course, they would want to change names and be careful about which stories they told, but it would definitely create interest.

The bartender would create business cards and hand them out to their patrons, letting them know about the blog. The bartender could even have a camera handy and shoot pictures to post on the blog, with their patrons.

They could let their customers know when they are working and if they wanted, add more about their personal life so the patrons would be able to make a stronger connection.

When patrons connect via a stronger relationship, they are more likely to increase the amount they tip. In addition, the bartender may want to Monetize the blog and even sell advertising back to the bar owner.

Just by spending a little more time focused on what they know, the bartender is able to significantly increase their income and become an expert on bartending and customer relationships.

Think about how you can apply this scenario to what you know.