Time management is a dreadful topic for some people, and often for me. I never really want to discuss it when I'm doing a horrible job of managing my time. It's easy to assume that you'll feel better as long as you don't think about it, not having to stress over what you didn't do that you said you would.

Unfortunately we have our subconscious that stores all the stuff we consciously aren't thinking about at the moment, and just when we take a breath to relax, our subconscious is all too quick to throw out that thing that we didn't do to ruin the moment.

When you organize your time, you take the pressure off your subconscious to hold on to that information and instead, you allow it to release pleasant thoughts instead.

When were relaxed, were able to be more creative and accomplish more. We get excited about what's in our future instead of dreading what we didn't do yesterday and still have to take care of.

The more we practice our time management skills, the better we are at accomplishing more and having a better life. We are happier people to be around, and that enthusiasm will transcend to others.

Our friends, families and colleagues will gain respect for us, knowing that when we say no, we mean no, and when we say yes, it's as good as done.

The never ending projects will come to an end, either through finally completing them or disengagement and renegotiation to pass them to someone else.

There are a million reasons for working on time management, but with what I've offered up here, do we really need more reasons to justify the benefits?

Why don't you join me and let's get to work on better time management!