Tonight I bought the Eric Thomas book, The Secret to Success. I did so because I listened to him give a keynote speech at Affiliate Summit West 2012 in Las Vegas. He impressed me so much with his inspirational and meaningful message about his life from being homeless to being only a dissertation away from having his PhD.

In his book, he starts out telling you about being beat by a man who he thinks is his father, until he discovers at 16 is not. He leaves home after being beaten by this person opting for homelessness, but also knew that he made his life far more difficult than need be because then he thought he knew better.

His friend, a single police officer, let him move in for a brief period but ended up kicking Eric out when he chose to go back to his bad habits. He had a great opportunity and he chose to throw it away.

The Secret To Success – Perspective

What’s interesting about Eric Thomas is how he puts everything into perspective and even though I didn’t have a rough life growing up, I am able to relate about how I made my road much more difficult than it necessary, much in the same way that Thomas did.

The Secret To Success - Eric Thomas - Affiliate SummitStill, when the situation got tough, Thomas rose above and pulled through. I’ve shared that experience even though we’ve both met failure. I don’t profess to have had the challenges that he has had, however one could argue that the challenges we all face are only as tough as we know it. I would say his challenges were greater than mine.

I’m not finished with this book, I’m barely through a quarter of the way and I know that value is in this book and the words of Thomas. He’s an incredible man who’s proving that if he can do it, anyone can. That I agree with because I often think if I can do it, anyone can too.

I will write more about Eric Thomas after I finish his book. I am looking forward to the deep messages that he has to offer and am hopeful that I will be able to share how those messages relate to my future development.

I wrote a message to Eric Thomas the other day. I told him that he had a profound impact and like he said, I didn’t really learn anything new that day, but he brought out what I already knew and helped me refocus. I simply thanked him for the message.