Blogging gives you the opportunity to tell your story, the way you see it. If you write under your name, you may not be as revealing as writing under a pen name, but none the less, you get to tell your story.

Chances are you will face some criticism if you take the opportunity to tell your story. Criticism means you are engaging others in your thoughts, and that means the blog is getting traction.

The Opportunity to Tell Your Story is Challenging

The challenge is to keep writing and keep going instead of caving to pressure to change or remove your content. Making an impact on others is not easy, and you should capitalize on your success, provided the consequences are justified.

You may find yourself putting content out there and then removing it because you don't want to take the criticism, or maybe a loved one is more important than the impact of what you are writing.

Some of us can be more agressive and are willing to sacrifice friendships, even anger others. That doesn't work here, as it is not worth hurting someone else for personal gain, but that's up to each blogger to decide how much they wish to say.

The Opportunity to Tell Your Story may be what Others Need to Hear

Taking the opportunity to tell your story may be just what others need to hear, including those that end up offended by your truth. It may be a blessing for you to share. Are you willing to put yourself out there to make your point?

Still, you don't have to be controversial, but let's face it, controversy attracts attention, and that's what most bloggers are seeking. Do you want to get that attention enough to be controversial?

Many of us could share our daily stories and others would find it interesting enough, some say we could write a book on our experiences. Have you ever had someone tell you that before?

The other opportunity to tell your story is to embellish your story, disclosing that what you are saying contains some truth, but is sensationalized for a more significant impact.

You get to decide how much you tell, if it is all true, or if you are going to sensationalize the story with your audience. If you do choose to embellish the content, consider making part of the story as though you are leaving it up to the reader to decide what is truth and what is not. Giving them that teaser might be the ticket to capture the attention you are working for in your blog.

Here is to your opportunity of a lifetime, Would you like to have some help getting started?