You have a vision of what you think your life should be but are you missing the good stuff? There's a lot more to life than what we have, or where we live, and our career path. Sometimes the “good stuff” is right in front of us, but we are too caught up in a vision that we drown what could be a wonderful life.

Missing the Good Stuff Chasing Some Wild Fantasy

Yes, it happens all the time. People are missing the good stuff while chasing some wild fantasy that isn't as great as we think. That is, we believe the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

When you get to the other side of the fence, you realize your grass could be every bit as green, and often even better than what we discover. There's sure to be weeds that we missed as we gazed towards what we think is so beautiful.

Sometimes, we are missing the good stuff because all we see are weeds while failing to see the fertile soil and foundation beneath those weeds. Say goodbye to the opportunity of a lifetime because we are so concerned about the surface and are unwilling to look deeper.

Even worse, we aren't willing to cultivate and take the time to create something beautiful because it is not up to the standards of others, and appearance is everything for many of us. Most all of us are guilty of this at least sometime in our lifetime, while others let their thoughts fester, failing to grasp onto something great.

Pay attention to what is in front of you. Don't be so superficial and miss out on the good stuff. Appreciate what you have, and learn to work at achieving what is right in your life. The weeds will, and the grass will grow rich if you work at the opportunities that exist in front of you. Who knows? Might you find extraordinary happiness in your life if you give it a chance!