Focus Theme - A Clean and Powerful Theme for WordPressI made a great move and changed my websites to the WordPress platform. When I switched, I tested a couple of Theme templates and finally settled on StudioPress.  Blogging just got easier!

I’m excited because like WordPress, StudioPress sends automatic updates and all child themes come Search Engine Optimized. They have some of the best people in the industry making sure the themes are nothing but the best.

I opted for the unlimited theme and updates package. For a few hundred bucks, you can’t go wrong, They also have an entry level package that you can buy with your choice of one template.

You can change the child themes without hurting your SEO. The extreme flexibility is great for people that are never satisfied with the look of their blog.

While Genesis is the best platform I have ever worked with, I would appreciate it even more if I had some way of telling what products are recommended to work with Genesis.  With tens of thousands of plug-ins, I know I’m asking a lot.

When you think about it, buying the unlimited plan is a great deal. You get lifetime support, connections with over 42,000 users and 20 moderators. There is always somebody that is able to help you with any issue you can come up with.

Genesis understands security as well. They took the time to get top security experts to help them with their code, ensuring that your blog is as safe as possible.

Unlike other blog templates, Genesis provides .psd files for Photoshop. That makes editing graphics unbelievably easy!

Genesis easily allows you to change the layout of every page in your blog. That gives you a unique look. The theme features many unique widgets that can be drag n drop changing the look of your site in a matter of minutes.

If you’re still not sure, Genesis has a money back guarantee, but I’m confident you won’t need it.

Sure, the links to Genesis are affiliate links, but rest assured, it’s a great product. I’m using it on all my blogs and websites and they look and work great!