Web hosting can easily be found just about anywhere you look, but finding a truly performance based web hosting company is a rarity as most companies are looking for quantity of customers, sacrificing quality.

The largest web host companies appear to be some of the worst offenders knowing that most customers aren't going to realize how they are ending up on overloaded servers.

My last company, while having excellent customer service left me thinking I was doing something wrong with my website for over a year! Every time I would call into customer service, they would find nothing wrong with their servers, but would show that I had a JavaScript running out of control.

I would always hang up with them and before I could do anything different, my websites would instantly begin to work correctly. After this happened repeatedly, I finally decided I needed to try out a different web host to see if the same thing would happen with a different provider.

I've spent most of my time building Joomla websites; however I've started working with WordPress as well. Given that Joomla is the primary CMS (content management system) I thought I would find out who Joomla hosts with and I would use that company too. After all, they would know best how to setup servers for Joomla.

That company, Rochen Performance Hosting, is everything their name says it is. I have yet to experience a slowdown on my site and have had absolutely no JavaScript errors period. My sites are now screaming fast! Even the WordPress sites have awesome performance.

After four months with Rochen Performance Hosting, I'm 100% sold on their product and their service has been great as well.

I only have one complaint, and while frustrating, this is a minor issue to get the outstanding performance I have come to know. When I first signed up with Rochen, I found that it took up to 72 hours to get the account setup with the company. Their billing department manually sets up the accounts and you have to wait for their normal office hours to get setup.

I'm sure the company has lost business because the process is not automated, but I'm sure they have their reasons for doing what they do.

Overall I give Rochen Performance Hosting the highest possible rating I can give any company. They are fantastic. Sign up with them and you'll see what I'm talking about.