The next step in this series is to establish a list of terms and phrases that are commonly associated with your subject of choice.The more words and phrases that you identify, the greater the chance of your success, if you can come up with a hundred or more terms and phrases you know you have a strong desire to work within the topic.

You may find a single word in multiple phrases. If I were doing this exercise this would mean I would have the words “entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, serial entrepreneur, famous entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and more.” These are all critical terms that relate directly to my topic of choice.

Use sources such as or to discover more terms and phrases that relate to your subject. Misspellings are often great words to use as many of us aren't great with the keyboard and need all the help we can get to find what we're looking for.

Your target audience may start out searching for terms and phrases that don't accurately represent your niche industry, but they still have the intent to find your area of expertise. Discovering those terms and phrases adds additional reach and opportunity in your niche.

Technical phrases can produce some of the best results, especially if you will be working with specific model numbers or terms for a product. Again, include slight variations as many people are apt to enter in the wrong model number or phrase.

Another strategy is to ask people you know what words and phrases they think of when you tell them about your niche.Be prepared to get a variety of answers that are going to knock your socks off. You might even need to toughen up a bit, when you ask them to be brutally honest. That's OK, their going to give you valuable information. Don't take anything personally.

Remember, you're goal is to get hundreds of terms and phrases that you can use to do your keyword research.