I would like somebody to teach me about search engine optimization. That would be somebody that really knew what they were talking about and could demonstrate results. Are there people that really know what they are talking about?

I recently purchased a plug in for Word Press that was connected to the StudioPress theme. I believe that this product will make a substantial difference for SEO optimization. It has worked directly to help me focus on the keywords that I want to target.

It’s amazing what this tool will come up for keywords. If this tool is right, I’ve got a substantial amount of work to do. I have to go back through all the posts and make sure the right words are being targeted. I’m confident that I’ll be making quite a few changes.

Back-links are said to be one of the most important strategies that you can do to increase your SEO optimization. My question is how do you gauge too much success and risk being penalized? What exactly is the right amount of links you can take on without making the system take a strong look at your site?

I’m increasing comments left on other blogs. Those comments are usually deeper than nice post. I want to give some thought to each comment hopefully enticing the reader to visit my site. The question is, does commenting make a strong enough contribution to the strategy?

I’ve read most of the Art of SEO, I’ve learned quite a bit, but now I think I need to go back and start over, this time taking notes along the way. I believe I will get more from the book now that I know more, but I’m concerned that the changes in SEO strategy will make the book outdated. Does anyone else have this concern?

At this point, my strategy is to simply write my posts, not worry about SEO optimization until after I’m done and then use the SEO tool that I bought through StudioPress. I’m looking forward to great results.