We see people taking a horse and carriage ride typically driven by a well-dressed coachman in the heart of cities around the country.

Places like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis(where I photographed these horse and carriage rides) have them on many street corners in highly visible parts of the city.

A surreal moment shared with somebody special. And, if you have experienced a moment like this, is it everything you'd expect?

I wouldn't know, as I have never inquired into taking an excursion such as this, but an experience like this finds its way onto my bucket list, and won't be long before I know what the people in the second carriage are feeling, and seeing sometime soon.

I suppose that this is something superior to the types of Carriage that I operated as a coachman early on my life, that is of the motor driven type, called the limousine.

Of course, that was when the coach featured seats facing each other in the way that the horse and carriage are built.