Takeaways from Blog World Expo in New York City

Blog World in New York City wasn’t the conference that I had expected it to be. It was considerably smaller. Still, all sessions were excellent except for one.

That session was like the bad movie that you keep watching because you tell yourself the good part has to be coming and then you get to the end and you’re mad for not getting up and leaving earlier!

That said, the other sessions were great. I got plenty out of each session, even if I didn’t agree with the point being presented. Over the next week, I’ll be writing about each one, letting you know what I was able to pick up on each one.

I had a two day pass, picking Tuesday and Wednesday to attend. I missed Thursday as I headed to Chicago for the Shareasale Remix which was another great event.

My first session started off with “365 Days to a Household Name:  Leveraging Conversation Wherever it Happens” with Srinivas Rao who is the founder of www.blogcastfm.com and a self-professed surfing geek.

My second session was with Tamsen McMahon and her session was “Breaking the Bell Curve: Standing out in a Sea of Same.”  She’s clearly geared towards larger corporate venues, which need blogging, but I don’t think she reaches out to the individual bloggers. This was my least favorite of the sessions.

The third session was by Jared Polin covering his topic, “Zero to One Million.” Jared launched his blog and ten months later hit one million page views. His site, “FroKnowsPhoto.com” packs educational and entertaining content into one. His site is definitely worth viewing.

Michael Margolis led the next session, “The New about Me: Who Taught You How to Write Your Bio?”

This session was fantastic as he clearly presented a strategy to improve what is widely known as the number one page on almost every blog. Follow his strategy and you’re sure to keep more visitors coming back.

You can be that I’ll be revamping my “About Me” page later today!

We ended the day with the Keynote Speakers: Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeffrey Hayzlett and H.P. Mallory.

What an awesomely entertaining session with the colorful language you would come to expect from Gary Vaynerchuk and Jeffrey Hayzlett pitching in. Gary also attended the party later, signing his new book, “The Thank You Economy.”

Fortunately, I got my book signed right after he spoke. Gary’s a super nice and genuine guy everyplace he goes, 24 hours a day. I have some friends that know him well and they told me a little bit about him outside of the spotlight.

I’ll give a preview to the second day at Blog World Expo in my next post.