Last year I attended Affiliate Summit West and was absolutely amazed at the buzz that was going on at the convention. There were thousands of high producing bloggers and many of them known as Super Affiliates who are specifically Affiliate Marketers that are capable of producing significant returns for affiliate management companies such as Shareasale and Commission Junction.

The Super Affiliates seem to walk around as God like figures in the room, as these Affiliate Marketing Managers know a Super Affiliate can tap them into huge returns on their programs and get them the results they need.

The Super Affiliates can make or break product launches Online as thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of followers will engage in programs just because the Super Affiliate says positive things about the product or service.

That means that the Super Affiliates often get perks, in the form of extra incentives, premiums and other benefits, much in the same way Doctors would get perks from the Pharmaceutical representatives.

What's clear after researching the definition of Super Affiliate is that it is very subjective and can mean many different things. It's almost a title that is self-imposed, yet has to be accepted by others to qualify as a super affiliate.

It's easy to say people like John Chow, Shoemoney and Zac Johnson are Super Affiliates, but the real question is where is the line drawn from Affiliate Marketer to Super Affiliate?

One thing is for sure, you have to be an affiliate marketer to be a Super Affiliate this much we do know.