Success depends on having a sense of power and control over our own destiny and actions.  That doesn’t mean having a sense of power and control over other people.

In fact, the most powerful people surround themselves with people that also have a sense of power and control over their own lives.  If you have people that are self-reliant, you need not micro-manage them. You know that, they know it’s in their best interest to take care of business so it takes care of them.

People who lack a sense of power and control over their personal lives are quite often offended by this topic. If you’re offended by this post, think about why you’re offended and then fix whatever is causing you to be offended. Whatever it is, this post is only drawing attention to it and is not the cause of your insecurity.

There is a reverse to this. That is, controlling others and having power over them can often be a sign of weakness. When a person or group has to control others, it’s often because they are afraid of what will happen if a person thinks for themselves.

Let’s say someone offers you more money to do a job that you don’t want to do. If not for the money, you would quit this job and move on to something else. You think you can’t leave because you can’t give up the security.

When this happens, you are working in a limiting position and you’re likely going to make less than you would make if you instead focused on taking power and control over your own life. If you do what you love to do, chances are you’re going to make more money than you would otherwise make.

Sometimes, that measure comes over time, especially for Entrepreneurs. We know that we have to work for nothing at the beginning so we can reap the reward when we discover our success.

Finally, also consider that there are times that you want to allow others to have control and power over certain decisions that are not of significant importance to you. Make sure that you let others know that you are fine with them making specific decisions, reserving the right to have control and power over other decisions that are important to you. This could be when making certain decisions with a partner or spouse.

Learning the balance of control and power gives you the opportunity to be master of your own kingdom. You will be seen as someone who is of authority while also seen as someone who is respectful of others around them. This takes practice, but is well worth the effort.

So what do you think about having power and control over your personal life?