Do you have stuff you start but never finish? Rethink your answer if it is no. We all do it, some more than others.

What if you put your stuff you start but never finish into a task list? You might find that you'll complete some of the projects, but a vast majority will never get done because it is not necessary.

Stuff You Start inspired by Pat Flynn's post

The inspiration for writing this post comes from Pat Flynn, a guy who was in an online business member program called Internet Business Mastery. Pat took his online business seriously starting to learn about online marketing and now has Smart Passive Income, one of the top business marketing podcasts on iTunes.

Pat didn't invent starting projects you never finish, but he brings attention to this problem in one of his posts and episodes. I'm adding my two cents and expand on his thoughts.

At first blush, most projects seem like a great idea, but as we get going we discover that there is something else that does the same thing, we don't have the passion we thought, or the outcome won't produce the result we desire. Add your thoughts to the list. We could go on forever!

Quite frankly, we don't have the time to make it happen because we spend that time watching TV, reading other people's stuff, or doing worse activities that are destructive.

The ideas keep coming up, you think about the stuff you start but never finish at the most inconvenient times, distracting you from what is happening right now.

If you want to get things done, put it into your plan, using a project manager, or Things for Mac, the program I use to manage my projects, tasks, and ideas.

Get the stuff you start but never finish on paper, and lay out an executable plan. A mentor of mine, Curtis Nelson, will tell you if it doesn't work on paper, it won't work in the real world.

Putting stuff, you start but never finish on paper will help you to terminate your thoughts about the project, or to take it seriously and take action.

Too Many Hats in the Fire

Most people who start projects have too many projects happening at the same time. As you get going, you realize how much work is involved and begin to become discouraged during the process. Ultimately, most projects get left in the graveyard.

You will save a ton of frustration by taking the time to work through the project on paper.

The bottom line is it is great to get started and do new exciting projects, keep in mind all the other ones that you have started and think about what is best.