I started a business blogging because I've been a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years, yet I'm in my forties which is a prime time for most Entrepreneurs.

I've started a business in many different industries and because of that, I have much to offer to aspiring Entrepreneurs. I decided I would paint a picture of what it is really like to live the life of an Entrepreneur. I felt that nobody paints a real picture of what it's like to truly become an Entrepreneur and my experiences and presentation style would give a great perspective for emerging Entrepreneurs.

Anyone who has started a business knows how challenging it can be. Some people have others to fall back on, while there are those of us who seed it ourselves and take all the risk. Having the ability to connect with people that understand the challenges helps to keep the focus on the ultimate goal.

When you can say you started a business, you get a sense of pride. I've had that many times and when they grow to be big,  just knowing the whole story behind how it happened is extreme satisfaction.

That's why I've started a business blogging about Entrepreneurship. It's the satisfaction of knowing what I've accomplished and learning from my failures and to think, I”m learning but teaching as I do this. In fact, this blog has led to several other blogs that are focused on specific subjects that people are interested in.

Consider this blog a test blog. If a subject gets traction, I'll focus a site specifically on just that topic. So just because I started a business based around this blog, I”m creating other blogs that are provide a more focused audience and ultimately a profitable experience for both my readers and myself.  How great is that!

That's why I started a business blogging about Entrepreneurship!