Do you ever feel like your standing at the top of the cliff, looking down at the place where you belong? You can't jump because it is too far, and you can't repel because you don't know how.

Distancing Yourself First – Standing at the Top of the Cliff

You are in the presence of the place you are supposed to be. Your standing at the top of the cliff. You can feel it, hear it and even taste what it is supposed to be. Still you cannot get any closer without first distancing yourself.

The path to reaching your destination, what you are so passionate about requires you to turn and walk away. To go far from your intended destination in what seems to be distancing yourself forever.

But, what seems like giving up is, in reality, the shortest route to getting to your destination. Nothing good can come until you take the path that seems so distant, which is actually the most direct and shortest route to what is most important.

Do you stand on the cliff, thinking about how you wish you could fly to where you are supposed to be or do you turn, walk away, and follow the path to where you should be now?

Instant Gratification – Standing at the Top of the Cliff

The instant gratification does not compare to a lifetime of happiness. We all try to repel or jump into the moment. How hard is it to take the route that requires a journey to get to our destination that will last a lifetime? Hard, very hard.

Some people are able to take the right path, while others choose to let fear hold them on the cliff. Then there are those of us who will take a while to let it sink in and ultimately start moving towards our destination by moving away from what we want most.

My life is there, I am now moving away from what I want in my life in order to get what I want. The journey is without knowing how close or far away I am trusting God that I am on the right path to reaching my destination.

Do you have a choice of taking a path that seemingly pulls you away from what seems so close? Are you willing to take the most direct route which moves you away from where you are going?

I never thought that this would be so difficult.