In 1995, and I started my very first online business. I knew quite a bit about the limousines industry and I began building a site that listed every limousine company in the world.

I started by buying my first computer and connected to American Online. It was a Friday night around 7PM when the modem connected and I was off to the races. I was so fascinated, that I stayed online for 24 hours straight and actually launched my very first website during that time. What I didn't know was how big that business would turn out to be!

There seems to be a popular consensus that you can make quick money online, but the truth is, those that are successful, didn't make quick money. They put in many hours of unpaid effort focused on achieving their goals. They work with a passion like no other and often flirted with failure.

Let me give you a valuable lesson, “Don't do what other people tell you to do, watch successful people and do what they do!” Notice I didn't say, “Do as they say to do, do as they do.”

Ironically, most successful people aren't that great at teaching others how to be successful, because they look for some provocative, unique statement. The truth is that people are successful because of hard work, staying focused and doing the right thing at the right time. They find a way to be organized and their passionate about what they do. That's it.

It doesn't matter how much or how little you know, if you can channel your efforts, you can find success.

You should also know success can leave as quickly as you find it. It's up to you to maintain it just like anything else. If you neglect it, it will abuse you like you've never been abused before.