Squeeky Knees are soft squeaky pants for the baby on the go. They are pitching the Shark Tank investors in Season 5.

Squeeky Knees toddler pants squeak to let you know where your kids are. They have sold five-hundred units in three years and generated $10,000. Lisa and Ivan dedicated the first year to obtain the patent.

Squeeky Knees doesn't have the sales to prove the market

Kevin asks is there a possibility that nobody wants Squeeky Knees because you don't have enough sales?

Both Lisa and Ivan argued for Squeeky Knees, but would not listen to what the Shark Tank investors had to say. Dismissing what your potential investor thinks eliminates your chance to change their mind.

Company: Squeeky Knees
Entrepreneur: Lisa Evans and Ivan Barnes
Ask: $80k for 20% equity
From: Las Angeles, California
Companies in this episode: Revolights, Buffer Bit, U-Lace
Season: Season 5 Episode 519
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec.
First Aired: 03/07/2014

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Squeeky Knees

Mark Cuban likes the idea, and there is a difference between a product and a company. They are not a company; they have a product. Lisa and Ivan argue with Mark, making excuses. He is out.

Daymond John said he rooted for you and he is on the fence, but you argued, and you did not listen. He is out.

Kevin O'Leary thinks their idea sucks, and he is out. Lisa told Kevin that he is her favorite and he responds it still sucks.

Lori Greiner tells them that maybe this isn't the right idea. She is out.

Robert Herjavec has no problem that they are doing it part-time, and they are here too soon. He is out.

Squeeky Knees after Shark Tank

The Squeeky Knees store is no longer online; Their Facebook page is no longer available as well. They are out of business.

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