Sponsored Tweets just converted @KirkTaylorCom to a Pro account allowing advertisers to select from active accounts on Twitter. What's that mean? Yes, you can make money on Twitter, I do and you can too.

I've been participating in Sponsored Tweets for over a year now and with the new option, I'll be closer to the top. If you're an active Twitter user, you should consider doing the same as you'll be surprised how much difference it will make to the bottom line.

Just use the Sponsored Tweets suggestion price and set your rate at that mark. You might lose some deals to lower priced accounts, but you'll have less work to do and ultimately make more money online!

If you're not on Twitter, you should be. Some people just don't get it, and that's OK. It takes a while to figure it out, but remember, social media avenues like Twitter are best used to create a conversation to get people interested in what you have to say.  The more you tweet the good stuff, the more likely they will be interested in clicking on stuff you tweet out, like Sponsored Tweets, ultimately setting you up to make money online.

Followers aren't necessarily that important to benefit from Sponsored Tweets. If you have a few followers that react to your tweets, you might end up doing better than someone who has tens of thousands of followers. They want action and that's what sets the price for your tweets.

If you wondering how often you get paid with Sponsored Tweets, you need only hit $50 total and you can take the money out any time. Pro accounts allow you to take out your funds at $25 which should leave you withdrawing funds often if you're getting the deals.

Remember, social media is a balance of activity across many different avenues and the more you are there, the more people will begin to interact with you.