Spirit Airlines has just moved into my number one worst airline to fly on. Tonight is my last flight with them and I even tried to get out of using them to get home. Talk about a dirty disgusting plane, with staff that is pathetic Charges for absolutely everything even when they don't get it right. Change fees that are more than the actual plane ticket and you're only going to fly with them once.

At Affiliate Summit I talked with several people that have flown on them once, they all said that they wouldn't fly with them again. Even the TSA agent looked at me as I approached and without question, she smiled and knew why I was disgusted with the airline. I asked her if she had this experience often and she said every day.

How Spirit Airlines is in business is beyond me. I would have thought that they would have to have clean planes, but the dirt in the seats is so pathetic.

I found out that Spirit Airlines charges you forty dollars for a carry on piece of luggage. My laptop counted as the personal item and to think I was within $100 of taking JetBlue, I ended up paying more for a disgusting airline!

I showed up three hours early for my flight out and figured that the staff at the front counter would be friendly. Obviously they got them from the worst fast food restaurant that you can imagine. These people were rude, they didn't want to help at all. They yelled at customers and acted inconvenienced the whole time I was in line waiting my turn to be abused by these incompetent representatives.

The only thing that I can say good about Spirit Airlines is that I got to my destination.

Thank you Spirit Airlines, You taught me a lesson. I learned that your now the absolute worst airline I've ever been on. In fact, any other airline is five stars compared to your negative five stars