Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark an Impressive spectacle of effects, music and acrobatics.

Last night, I was the guest of John Chow and Infolinks at the preview of Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark at the Foxwood Theater in Time Square, New York City.

The show which is said to have cost $65 Million dollars is the most technically difficult to have ever been produced with over ten delays and still not having an official opening.

I’ve never seen a Broadway show before, and while the show has its critics, I’m not one of them. The show kept my attention with plenty of action and the music was fantastic, written by Bono of U2 fame.

The musicians played live, it was a rock concert, a play, a circus and a movie all wrapped in one. The special effects were absolutely incredible. The costuming was out of this world as well.

I set only three rows from the stage giving me an amazingly close look at what was happening and allowing me to see the detail of the costumes.

Before this show, I would have never taken seats so close, but this gave a unique perspective not available to audience members in any other seat. Going forward, I’d consider seeing a show like this multiple times. Once up close, you can see the technical workings and then farther back to have the three dimensional effect of having the characters flying out at you and above your head.

My seat put me directly in front of one of the loudspeakers, but the sound was absolutely phenomenal and it bothered me not. It was if I was sitting in my home theater watching in a perfect seat.

I look forward to having another opportunity to see this production again. I’m thankful that Infolinks and John Chow made me their guest to attend.