People who have something to prove are almost always willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. They have an innate burning desire and a tenacity that often get superior results to that of those already considered “experts” in their field when you need them most.

This makes people who have something to prove more likely successful in Start-Up companies. Individuals who are secure in their abilities and knowledge are less concerned with the success of a company and aren't likely to take calculated risks. They will instead keep doing what has worked before, even though the new circumstances may not offer the same conditions they are used to.

Something to Prove – Easier to Coach

People who have something to prove are easier to coach, and are willing to listen. They are less likely to argue against a strategy and will help you find a way to meet the organizations goal. They have as much at risk in their minds as the Entrepreneur has in the company because in their mind they have everything to lose too.

If you motivate people into action easily, you might be better served working with less experienced trainable staff. Experienced, proven staff are expensive and even though they were successful in another business, it doesn’t mean that they will bring success to your business. You might get more done hiring two or more people who have something to prove for the same price that it costs to hire one experienced person. That gives you greater flexibility because you now have two or more flexible minds versus one rigid mind.

I’m not saying the people who have something to prove will be your favorite employees. Often they may frustrate you, or you might not even like them. I will say that every time I have hired someone who lacks experience but is driven resulted in a greater success than when I hired experienced staff who already had success and were rigid on how they ran their operations.

That goes right down to hiring a CEO who lacked previous experience to take over what is my most successful Start-Up. He stepped up and everyone involved did very well.