The blog is the Small Business Marketing Tool that performs by giving your customers a chance to see you differently than simply their doctor, tutor or auto mechanic. When you blog for your business you show more about yourself personally and professionally. This allows your clients to warm up to you.

Customers are more likely to buy from somebody they know and trust. The Small Business Marketing Tool that does that is the blog. You develop a relationship with your customer before they become your customer. They already know you when they come to you which will make them more comfortable working with you instead of a competitor they know nothing about.

When I was young, I worked a telemarketing job selling Sprint Long Distance. I quickly developed a relationship with everyone I talked to. My job was to get them to like me and then I asked for the sale. My sales were slower than other representatives, but my revenue was huge.  That’s because I had the relationship with the ones that spent big dollars on long distance. I became their personal representative and handle their needs. When they called me, I took care of them.

Having a blog allows you to take care of your customers without even having to talk to them. You can answer critical questions and show potential customers that you know what you’re talking about and you can help them solve their problems.

There are few Small Business Marketing Tools that are as powerful as the blog. The major companies can’t compete against the relationship aspect which is a significant advantage.  Everyone is searching online even for local purchases these days which gives the local merchant a shot at getting that business over a box store.

Why not try out the Small Business Marketing Tool called a blog for your business?