Six Steps to Turn Desire into Gold was one of Napoleon Hill's greatest strategies ever written. It's too the point, and demands action. Here is a plain and simple strategy that is worth every minute invested.
Like Napoleon Hill, we are writing our own stories, wrapped around some key simple events that happen in our life. It’s the story that eats up all the time in our life. What if we spent more time focused on the stuff that really means something to us and get to the point?

We know that won’t happen because human nature is to focus on the story, but those that are successful get passed the story, and they go to directly to the meaning in everything they do.

I want to be one of those successful people, but I am also one of those offenders of the story, should I say a big offender? I want to be the one that is living the story that everyone else tells.

Six Steps to turn Desire into Gold will help us focus on the meaningful simple stuff and avoid the story that wastes so much time in life.

So without giving more stories, let me get to the good stuff and tell share Six Steps to turn Desire into Gold!

Determine the exact amount of money that you desire. Be specific as to how much you want to accumulate. Just saying you want lots of money is not definite and cannot be quantified. Psychologically having a specific aim causes you to take action on your vision.
What are you willing to give to accumulate the money that you desire? You are not going to get something for nothing. You have to be willing to work and grow to get what you want.
When will you accomplish this task? You must be specific and you must believe in your deadline. You have to convince yourself that you can achieve this date and do everything in your power to obtain your goal by that date.
You must establish a definite plan to achieve your desire and it must be done at once. You cannot afford to wait one minute if you are ready or not. Every minute must be used.
Write out a statement that tells of the definite amount of money that you are to obtain, when you must obtain it by, what you intend to give for that money and how you are going to go about getting it.
Review your statement twice daily. Once when you get up in the morning and once when you go to bed. Read your statement out-loud. Visualize and feel as though you already have obtained this desire.

This is your personal goal; a business plan for developing the tools in life that will let you do whatever it is you want to do whenever you want to do it.

In my life I have been broke and in debt, and then I have been wealthy and debt free. I can tell you being wealthy and debt free gives you the freedom to determine what you do and when you want to do it, but more importantly it gives you the power to help others, especially those that you love.

When you have that power, you become the determining force and you have the opportunity to make the right decisions for you and those around you. When you are in debt, you are controlled by those that you owe money to.

Why not take the steps necessary to free yourself from those that bound you by taking control of your life and seek the money and the power that you deserve to have. Ultimately, it is up to you, as you are your own oppressor. Break free of the ideas in your mind that you are limited by what others say and be who you want to be.