You might think I have been sidetracked, but I haven’t really. I’ve been focused on a project that is very promising. I’ve found a niche market that has a huge audience, but low competition.

The good news is that the new niche is never going to have a ton of competition, there aren’t that many people dedicated enough to put the time necessary into this type of project.

That’s good for me, that’s a barrier to entry that keeps others from succeeding at what I’m undertaking. It’s too small of a market for major players to launch into, so they’re not likely to jump in.

Unfortunately, the time to develop takes away from the time I invest in this site. Now, I’m going to have all of these multi-level marketers jumping on and telling me how I could make easy money that would give me plenty of time to work on my project. Stop right now. I’m not interested.

When you’re passionate about something you tend to forget about other opportunities. Reality is those other opportunities only distract you from doing what you’re most passionate about.

So for now, my blog posts will slow down, not because I’m neglecting activity, to the contrary. I’m picking up activity.

I’ll be sure and tell you more soon.