Blogs often have the name of the author in their blog title. The author builds a brand around themselves which is good if you want to own your material, but bad if you're going to sell the blog down the road.

My Blog Title is also my domain name

My blog, launched in 2000 using my name in the blog title and the domain name. Blogs weren't a thing then, so it was more of a website, but the site appeared to be more like a blog.

Front Page by Microsoft was the platform for the site, later migrating to Joomla, and finally to WordPress in 2009.

I have built other blogs under pen names throughout the years, but I keep coming back to blogging under The topics change, but the basic concept stays the same.

If you blog under your name, you are still able to cover about any topic you like. For example, I have over 400 posts about companies appearing on Shark Tank, and they are getting significant traffic to the posts.

I could write about another 400 companies appearing on Shark Tank and increase the traffic to my blog. I'm not planning on writing more about Shark Tank at the moment and focusing on other types of posts.

I'm working more towards education on writing blogs as opposed to writing content about TV shows.

Blogging under my name is challenging. Many people will criticize what you write, suggesting you focus on something that they feel is more interesting or propper.

I've had criticism for writing about Shark Tank saying I should focus on business that needs help getting attention and stay away from the ones that are already getting a lot of publicity.

Other criticism comes with people thinking that because you write a blog, you must be a know-it-all. That's not me, even though some of you believe otherwise. You have to be able to take criticism like this and keep on writing.