This is my second in a series of reviews of the ShoeMoney System. I made a substantial investment in Jeremy Shoemaker's educational course where he teaches you his strategies to conquering the web.

Normally, I don't put a lot of weight into these types of deals, but Jeremy has proven to be a mover and shaker. Most recently he was named most influential and beat out people like Steve Jobs and others in the social media industry to be the front profile on Fast Companies contest.

Jeremy also is featured in numerous conferences such as Affiliate Summit (ASW11) and Blog World.

To Jeremy's credit, the ShoeMoney System is very uncomplicated and geared towards helping even the most novice online marketer. You literally can have absolutely no experience and learn from a Super Affiliate on several different strategies he uses to make money online.

My only complaint is it would be nice if his system was divided into three tracts for beginner, intermediate and expert so that I would be able to bypass course information that I already know.

No, I don't consider myself an expert, but I do think that I fall into the intermediate category. Because of the elementary approach to the information, I found myself with a slow start, but yesterday, I spent approximately 8 hours working through his course and found tons of great strategies, both that I knew, and stuff that I learned.

More importantly, even though I knew some of the stuff, it caused me to take action on critical strategies that I should have been doing which are important to become successful online and ultimately making money.

The stuff that I didn't know provides enough punch to make me believe I will be profitable on this investment within a week or two. And I still have a long way to go to get through the whole system.

If your serious about enhancing your marketing strategies, or even how to start a business, this program is packed with the good stuff from a guy that can back up what he says.