Shark Tank Entrepreneur, James Mitchell Needs to Clear the Air on PureAyre. His pitch bombed on national TV while presenting to the Sharks.

Mitchell sees himself as a celebrity, which adds value to his company. The Sharks(Specifically, Kevin O'Leary) state that he has no star value, and even offered to buy the company with the intentions of Firing Mitchell. He declines.

No Credit to the Creator of PureAyre

Interviewer, James Cochran spoke with Mitchell on set before his presentation. He asked Mitchell to share the name of the inventor, and Mitchell declined. Mitchell states the product creator is deceased after suffering a stroke.

My curiosity is, “Why is James refusing to give credit to the person who invented the product?”

Mitchell receives an offer from the Sharks, but they tell him they intend to fire him and offer him some cash and a 7% royalty. Mitchell calls his wife, and then returns to refuse the deal.

I am writing this story, many years after another post that I originally published on this blog, and moved to another blog that I also owned at the time. I decided to do a follow-up, as I still have links from nationally known sites, instead of having it go to a dead link.

In my previous article, I stated that James refused to follow up on his poor performance, which is still true today. Instead, he watched the original episode with family and friends at his church, knowing it would not go well. I would not have had a watch party if I had pitched as poorly as Mitchell.

The companies sales were over $3 million coming into the presentation, and have likely continued. Still, Mitchell could have leveraged the publicity better and engaged an even bigger audience. Instead, he ignored his critics.

PureAyre is FDA Approved

He claims PureAyre is FDA approved, even swallowing it on camera. Mitchell states PureAyre is the only natural odor eliminator on the market.

PureAyre is supposed to work on any smell. Mitchell demonstrates with an ammonia-soaked rag. Jame's makes the claim that skunked dogs will smell fresh just by squirting PureAyre on the dog.

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