I have numerous hosting companies over the years and some have done well, while others have lackluster performance, while claiming to be great.

What happens in most cases is your site ends up on a shared server with thousands of other sites most of which have little to no traffic. But, most of those sites contain WordPress installs, themes, and plugins that are out-of-date, and extremely vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Just wait until your site struggles to come up because a site belonging to someone else is under attack.

But, you're ok with the slow speed or your site not appearing at all, because hosting is only a few dollars a month instead of a few extra dollars. Probably not, but you weren't worried about it when you signed up for your hosting program.

And, I am betting you'll wish you signed up for the better hosting packages now!

So how do you avoid having another site drag your site down? Sign up for a package like the one's WPEngine offer. You won't have the problems found in regular web hosting accounts; they are careful as to what plugins are allowed, protecting you from hacks, and they monitor potential issues on your site.

WPEngine only does WordPress hosting and optimizes their packages to be the best in the marketplace. They even give you a staging area allowing you to setup trial changes to your website before you make them go live.

I can't tell you how many times I would have a web host say I'm doing something wrong with my website only to get off the phone, and the ends up fixed before I touch it! I guess they weren't my mistakes at all, but I still wasted a bunch of time that would not have happened if I had just hosted with WPEngine.

WPEngine is a little tight with their security, but it's worth it. The based plan allows for one WordPress install, and it focuses on optimizing that install.

I'll even help you out if you order your WPEngine hosting account through my link. We'll get your domain pointed correctly, and your initial WordPress install setup and ready for your theme package and plugins. Just let me know what I can do to make your life easier.

Remember, just drop me a note through my contact form on the “Contact me” page, and I'll make sure your site is setup right.