Do you have problems setting goals and objectives? Many people do, especially we entrepreneurs. That's probably why the phrase, “Ready, Fire, Aim” applies to many of us.

If you're like me, you've spent a ton of time thinking about how you can switch over to “Ready, Aim, Fire” but never could quite figure out how to succeed.

Entrepreneurs are impatient and when starting out, we often think that setting goals and objectives wastes our work time. What we often forget is that we need a mile marker and a road map so that we can see clearly. Imagine how our businesses would run if we had GPS?

As visionaries, you would think we would be all about goal setting, but I guess that's why many refer to us as Cowboys. We all have one goal or objective and that is to succeed, were willing to do just about anything to accomplish it as long as we get to do it our way.

So why is it that we struggle with setting goals and objectives? For me, I've discovered it's setting a time frame to accomplish the task. I don't like having a specific deadline attached because I'm not sure how long it will ultimately take me to complete the objective or goal and I learn by doing.

If we set goals and objectives without attaching the deadline, we are focused on getting the job done right, instead of focusing on meeting the deadline. When I have no deadline set, I mentally self-impose a deadline anyway and usually end up accomplishing the goal or objective well before I would have had I set a deadline on paper.

Everybody works differently, so you might find that you have to set a deadline for your goals, but if you struggle with goals and objectives put as much creativity into how you plan to build your business as you did with the idea itself.

The process will prove to be an excellent investment and will pay off in the long run.