Recently, Google made some big changes which penalized many people who are creating great blog content. I know, I have a blog that took a hit. The idea is to push more people to write great content, but what happened is that bad content and no content blogs rose above.

It kind of reminds me of the political world where perception is reality, unfortunately, that reality is costing all of us, no matter what your stance is. The more Google does to combat SEO Guru tech niches, the more its punishing the people who do the right thing, again much in the same way politics works.

Are the changes Google made, which targets the SEO crowd, more a reflection of cultural change? It might be… Google wants to make their search more relevant and better, but for whom?

It might be that Google simply is reaching out to find new ways to “improve” our experiences on their search engine but from now on will make it a bit worse every time they try to do “good”. ¬†Again, draw the comparison to the political world.

We have do-gooders that have their mission to change the world to the way they see it so they can justify their position but end up making life hell for the rest of the population. Has Google just taken another step in that direction?

I think it's time for another search engine to emerge that focuses more on providing great content regardless of the strategies that SEO people use. How about returning to the directory concept only better. In fact, why not have several directories that target niche markets with one major directory that tells you which focused directory will give you the content you're looking for?

Are you as ready for a new alternative to search as I am? I think someone has a huge opportunity to create an empire from know where.