The Master Mind, defined as the process where two or more people create a third more powerful mind. All
parties must be centrally focused on the task at hand, or the Master Mind will not form. To get there, all parties should have a mutual interest in achieving the desired outcome and agree on working as a team. Any party in the group that is negatively impacting the power of the Master Mind needs to be removed immediately as the Master Mind will not work and your time is being wasted.

Sales organizations benefit greatly from the use of Master Minds. Bring six or seven salespeople together, of different skill levels and watch miracles happen when your top salespeople turn objections into upselling opportunities that under producing salespeople will excel at. The under producing salespeople will give top salespeople more respect than trainers because they know the top salespeople are using their strategies and they work.

In some cases, salespeople will want to team up on sales calls using their Master Mind strategy to play off each other. This type of strategy can be very powerful as it is quite a bit harder to say no to two salespeople who work in unison versus saying no to one salesperson. This type of strategy may not work in your selling environment, but you can still use the power of the Master Mind when it counts most.

Consider teaming up with other salespeople on your floor to work together backing each other up to build credibility with customers on sales presentations. Just having another salesperson acknowledge what you've stated to your customer can be all you need to close your deal.

Remember, all parties have to be in unison to establish the Master Mind or you risk doing more damage when you could have made your sale without it. Pick your team wisely.